Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I haven't posted in two weeks! While I'd love to say that's due to being busy with writing, it's not entirely true. I have gotten a little farther with my WIP, but certainly not as far as I'd like. It's a good thing I have so many inspiring, positive authors to look to for guidance at times like this. Kiersten White (check her out here) said that you'll know you're a writer when you're ready to make sacrifices for your work. I hadn't been ready to do that previously, but I'm ready to do so now. I'm willing to sacrifice my daily nap (sad face) in order to get more writing done. It's really the only thing I can give up at this point, much to my dismay.

LT Host (check her out here) recently discussed the thing that frustrates her the most about her writing. She said that she has a hard time with volume, that her work often isn't long enough. In response, K Marie Criddle (the sponsor of the lovely giveaway which netted me an awesome new book) said that her biggest problem is how slow she writes. I identify with K Marie, and it was a good feeling to see someone else who struggles with the same thing I do. I'm painfully slow in the beginning, because I know how important beginnings are. I give up on a book if it doesn't hook me in the first third. That being said, I have to mull things over for quite some time before I commit it to the page because I want the beginning to be as perfect as it can be. I feel like this is the main reason I'm not progressing as quickly as I'd like, and I can own up to that. Ultimately, I just have to be accepting of my own writing style and trust that everything will flow the way it's meant to.

In other news, I've been invited to be a guest reviewer on a YA review blog. It's called Absolute Forest of Words, and you can check it out here. I'm so excited to be doing this! It gives me an opportunity to practice reviewing on a site that gets more hits than this one. :P I should be receiving the book (or books...not sure how many I'm getting) in a day or two, and the review will follow shortly afterward.

I'll wrap up with what I'm currently reading. I'm two thirds of the way through Holly Black's Red Glove, which is actually pretty good. I wouldn't say it's one of my favorites, but I'm certainly enjoying it. What are you reading?



  1. Hi Jess! It's Gina, your potential writerly friend from SIS. Sorry, I didn't know how else to contact you, I hope you see this! My e-mail is Good luck!

  2. I think it's great to be able to review books on a popular blog.
    Talking about wip(s), I'm one of those writers who do best under pressure, or with a deadline or some sort of competition. :D

  3. Hey Jess! You know, that's the rad thing about finding fellow writers from all different walks over the matter what we're struggling with, we can rest assured we're not alone. It's always good to be reminded of that. :D
    Write on, good writer! It'll come as it's meant to come. Can't wait to read more reviews!


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