Monday, June 13, 2011

Darkest Powers Trilogy

I won't post a picture or a synopsis for this one, since I'm reviewing the trilogy as a whole. I'll sum it up myself! :P Basically, the books revolve around a 15-year-old necromancer named Chloe. She's sent to live in this group home for crazy kids, but finds out that there are others with supernatural powers (there are several different types of supernaturals, including sorcerors, witches, and werewolves). Chloe and her friends discover some pretty shocking truths about their caregivers and the adventure rolls in pretty quickly.

I LOVED these books. Seriously, I could not put them down. There are three books in the series, and I blew through them in two days. They're light and clever reads, and they're so fast-paced that it doesn't even feel like you're reading at all. Now that you know how I feel about the plot (so spectacularly done it's disgusting)... :P

The characters were interesting as well. Chloe's voice was convincing and quirky. She was an incredibly lovable character that I found myself attached to right away. Her supporting cast was just as well developed. All four of the main kids go through major changes over the course of the series, and while Tori was a girl I loved to hate in the beginning of the series, she was actually one of my favorite characters by the end of it.

I can't believe I waited so long to pick these books up. If you haven't read them, please, do yourself a favor and dive right in. I promise you won't regret it. :)


PS As an after thought... I probably wouldn't let a sensitive child read these books. There's a substantial creep factor that I thought added a little extra awesome to the story, but some younger readers may not be ready for it. Necromancers do raise the dead, after all.

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  1. I've read all three of these (but only own one and three) and am very excited to read Kelley Armstrong's new book The Gathering. Currently, I've loaned it to my best friend's mother because I have plenty of other things to read.


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