Thursday, February 9, 2012

new formatting changes (and also, some writing news)

so i've decided. i'm going to write in all lowercase for a little while, just to see if i like it. it's how i write when i'm talking to my friends on instant messenger, or texting, and there's something very satisfying about defying the rules of capitalization. :) so...we'll see how this goes.

in other news, i'm making progress! i started outlining my wip recently, since i realized that i needed a map of all this new uncharted territory, and i've made lots of really great discoveries. my characters are clamoring to be heard, and it's all i can do to take notes fast enough. i can't wait for this part of the process to be done so that i can actually get to the good part...writing!

how's your week going?



  1. all lowercase is sort of rebellious - I like it.

  2. yay for progress. and in the spirit of your post i'm going cap-free. lots of revision progress this week in the midst of preparation for a huge road trip which translates into loads of undistracted writing time.

  3. well you should stop punctuating too then

  4. u know if its true txt spk u gotta shorten words 2 :-)

  5. Love your blog background. Very pretty.

    It's great to have the voices clamoring. Just don't wait too long before you write. They can be very fickle. :-)

    Just dropped by because you're in my campaign group.


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