Friday, November 30, 2012

it's been a while, hasn't it?

helloooooo blog land! *listens for the echo* it would not surprise me at all if you've all abandoned this blog. it's been...6 months since my last post? which is quite a long time to ask you to stick around and keep checking back for new material. i have a good reason, i swear.

the last time i posted, i talked about shelving the wip i had dedicated 6 years of my time to. it was a decision i wrestled with for a while, and once i made that decision, it seemed like i couldn't get that wip out of my head. i was suddenly bursting with new ideas, ways to make this old manuscript fresh and appealing again, and i couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks. why didn't i write then, you're asking?

this happened.

my word to live by this year was "create," and boy did i! :) this little guy is joining our family in 11 short weeks (which i know are going to fly by with the holiday season in full swing). writing has been the farthest thing from my mind in recent months, and while i definitely miss it, my distraction is so totally worth it.

i did get a chance to meet laini taylor and hear her speak about her writing process a few weeks ago, which was like i'd died and gone to heaven. for those of you who don't know, she's my favorite author of all time, and the one with a writing process most similar to mine. it's uncanny how much we have in common process-wise. it was wonderful to get some advice from her on how to be a better (read: more productive) writer, and i have lots of new things to try once the holidays are over. of course, once the holidays are over i'll be pretty busy, but in light of the fact that i'm losing my day job as a nanny 2 weeks before the babe makes his debut, and will be taking 2 months off (at least) before returning to work, i figure i'll have plenty of spare moments to squeeze some writing in. a girl can dream, right? :)

i hope you've all been well these last 6 months, and that your holidays have been, and will continue to be, spectacular. :D



  1. Did you catch my recent tribute to you?

    And congrats on the coming bundle! But forget about writing. heh

    1. I did see it! Thank you :) And yeah, things are about to get chaotic around here lol.

  2. congrats! i think making a baby is more important than blogging.

  3. Congrats! If I were you, I'd spend as much time sleeping as humanly possible. Forget the blog. And don't put any pressure on yourself to write with a newborn around.


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