Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Best Day of Our Lives (Part 2)

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If you're stopping by for the first time this week, don't forget to check out yesterday's post about the wedding prep. There are lots of pictures! :)

Anyway, I promised formals today. Our formal pictures started at 3, which gave us about 2 hours before the wedding to photograph. The men in our wedding party (my husband included) were difficult to wrangle. They're easily distracted, and totally goofy, which you'll see in a minute, so it was hard to get a lot of pictures in. Unfortunately, there aren't any of C with the bridesmaids, me with his parents, or him with my parents, but the pictures we did get are priceless.

The stinker walked right through my shot! :P

Our flower girl was super adorable, and even though she was a little cranky before the ceremony (she REALLY wanted to throw flowers), we did manage to get this:

There's a whole series of photos of C with his groomsmen, and all of them are hilarious, but these are my favorites:

Kung fu stances!
I think they were praying...maybe...
I also got a whole series of hilarity with the groomsmen, but this one makes me smile the most:

My photos with my bridesmaids were on the ridiculous side too, mostly because my brother was involved, and he's a goof. Here's our best one:

I also did pictures with each bridesmaid individually, but since you don't know any of them, I won't include any of those here. I will include this one, because I think it's awesome that our tattoos matched the ribbons on our bouquets:

...and this one, because my brother cracks me up:

We got pictures with our families, but even those couldn't be serious:

Once all the formals in the front yard were done, we headed over to the reception venue for a few silly ones (because we didn't have nearly enough...)

The whole bridal party monkeying around :P
Our dream house...*sigh*
We didn't want to kiss before the ceremony, so we faked it :P
Tomorrow will be filled with pictures from the wedding ceremony, so check back in if you're interested! :) No worries if you can't (I know it's Thanksgiving) can always catch it on Black Friday. :P