Friday, November 25, 2011

Best Day of Our Lives (Part 4)

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Happy Black Friday! Best of luck to those of you who braved the stores today...C and I hit Target and Best Buy last night, and walked away with everything we wanted (after camping out for nine hours). It was my first Black Friday shopping experience, so I'm glad it went so well. :)

Anyway, if you've missed the first three parts in this series (prep, formals, and the ceremony), you should go check them out first. This particular post is all about the reception, and there were lots of crazy dance pictures to choose from (we have crazy friends :P). I didn't put many of them up, simply because they won't be as special to you as they are to us. I tried to concentrate more on highlights from the reception instead. :)

Here are some of the detail shots from the reception:

The escort cards
Our favors...we had personalized M&Ms with our pictures on them :)
One of ten centerpieces
I just really like this one :)

Our guest tree! We had people stamp their thumb prints onto it and sign it :)
We welcomed everyone with a little speech:

Lots of other people gave speeches after us, including my dad, C's grandpa, my brothers, and a bunch of C's friends. There are pictures of most of them, but they're not really relevant to you guys. :)

Once speeches were done, it was time for us to cut the cake. My mom baked it (along with all the cupcakes for the reception). :)

Isn't it beautiful?

And then C sneak-attacked me with a piece of cake in the face :P
So I made him stand and take his like a man ;)
And then we kissed :D
My bridesmaids thought the sneak-attack was hilarious :P
Once the cake was through, we moved onto dancing. C and I had our first dance to "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie.

We shared a father/daughter and mother/son dance to "The Blower's Daughter" by Damian Rice. My dad and I cried through the whole song. :P

And then the dancing just got crazy...

Kung fu, anyone?
Don't ask...I don't even know what was going on here :P
He has this crazy awesome butt wiggle, which he was demonstrating :)
I hope you've all enjoyed seeing the photos from our wedding. It's been fun sharing them with you! Have a great weekend! :D