Monday, December 5, 2011

Back to Normal...Sort Of

So, in case you didn't notice, I took a bit of a hiatus last week. There was a lot of errand-running to be done, what with having to change my last name on EVERYTHING I OWN, so I didn't really have much time to blog. This week should be somewhat back to normal...but I'm not promising anything. :)

I have some big news from the weekend, as well. We're moving! We've been living with C's parents for the last year, which has been wonderful and has helped us save money, but we really need our own space. Especially now that we're married and have a buttload of awesome wedding presents that we can't even use right now. We've been hunting for the perfect apartment for about two months now, and it's been brutal. We've visited between 15 and 20 communities, and seen everything from super cheap but super trashy, to luxurious but astronomically expensive. We were starting to think we'd never find a place that met all of our requirements (pet friendly, washer and dryer in the unit, walk-in closets, lots of space, within our budget). And then yesterday happened.

We found a 1200 square foot apartment that was still on special (the last one on special, I might add), and was right within our budget! All the utilities except electricity are paid for, there's a community dog park for Puppy, it's spacious, newer (so things aren't falling apart), has a washer and dryer, and the closets are HUGE! We're in love. :D Oh, did I mention we get the keys in two weeks? Because my life isn't chaotic enough as it is. O.o

Honestly though, I'm excited. Sure, it'll be a little chaotic around here for the next few weeks while we pack and unpack everything. But the majority of our stuff is already in boxes because there wasn't enough room to unpack everything at C's parents house, and the rest is wedding presents. We'll be able to open up all the wonderful gifts we got and put them to use (Hello new dishes, hello waffle maker, and hellllooooo Black Friday television!) We'll have more privacy, and we'll be able to have our own home office/library. I'd say the good far outweighs the bad in this situation. :)

So, to sum up, I'm going to try to schedule the majority of my posts for the next two weeks to keep this place hopping, but don't be surprised if I miss a day. Maybe someday my life won't be so crazy...

Here's hoping!