Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting Back into the Groove of Things

I was all set to do Road Trip Wednesday today, like I did every Wednesday for a few months before my wedding, but I looked at today's question and realized I didn't want to answer it. The question for today asks Road Trippers to name their 5 favorite books of 2011, which I could do quite easily. But I'm pretty sure my favorites will be the same as numerous other people's favorites. The top slot goes to Daughter of Smoke and Bone, hands down, but I've already told you why I love it. I also really enjoyed Divergent and Luminous, but you could look up my thoughts on those as well, if you wanted to troll the archives. It just seemed like a pointless question for me, so I'm not submitting an official response to it.

I will tell you that I'm finding it difficult to get back into my pre-wedding routine. Things are so different now, and it's not so much that my life with C is different. We still live together and do a lot of the same things we used to, but...for reasons I can't explain, it feels different. I'm a wife now, and even though we share responsibilities the same way we always have, something about me feels new and strange. I'm far more interested in our home and making it awesome, and I've discovered a new love of DIY and sewing. I spend less time on the computer and more time playing board games with my husband or working on projects. It's hard for me to think about blogging the same way I did a month and a half ago.

I'm sure that once the New Year starts and all the holiday craziness goes away, when our boxes are unpacked and pictures are hung on the walls, things will start to go back to the way they were. But then again, maybe things can never go back to exactly the way they were. Isn't that the way life happens? Things change, and in this case it was a change for the better, so do I really want to go back? Maybe I just need to find a new routine, and incorporate some of my old blogging habits into this new way of being.

I think I'll figure that out as I go. :)

What are you struggling with as this year draws to a close?