Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Love You All So Much That I'm Giving You Free Stuff

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In the wee hours of the morning Saturday morning, it happened...I passed 100 followers! Seriously, you guys, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read my word vomit thoughts and showing your support with comments and follows. :) To thank you, I'm running my first ever CONTEST!

Here's how it's going to work: To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me a little bit about your MC(s). You can talk about their looks, their personality, what they're facing in your story, etc. Anything you want to share is fair game. If you'd like extra entries, make sure you're a follower (+1 entry). You can also tweet/Facebook (+1 entry) or blog about it and provide a link (+1 entry). Please leave links in your comment so I can verify the extra entries. :)

"But what can I win?!" you ask. I'm offering three prizes, so three of you will be winners! Whee! I have two books that I think are hilarious and completely underrated. They are:


The third prize is a bit different. One winner will win a character sketch of their MC, provided by my incredibly artistic fiance. For example, here's the sketch he did of one of my MCs, Faron:

Awesome, right?! And you can win one of your very own!

So, wrapping up the logistics: You have until 11:59pm (Pacific Time) on Thursday, September 29th to enter. Winners will be selected using and announced Friday, September 30th. As far as how the prizes will be distributed, the person who's pulled first will have first choice and so one. You can choose whichever prize tickles your fancy. :) In the spirit of being fair, this contest IS open internationally.

That being said, good luck, lovely followers! I'm looking forward to reading your entries! :)



  1. Cassie is the mother figure, though she's only sixteen. She works and strives so the kids she looks after will be happy, often forgetting that she deserves to be happy too. One of her great joys is running, but she's turned that into a simple way to earn money.

    She has black hair, purple eyes, and often has to wear clothes that are too big for her.

  2. Mia is a seventeen-year-old gamer who wants to know the truth about her missing older brother. She's funny, determined, and sarcastic-the kind of friend we all like to have. Mia's secret is that she's a synesthete.

    I'd love to win that third prize. How very awesome!! I'm following you now.+1

  3. Your fiance is amazingly talented! wowza.

  4. Ohmygosh, what a fun contest!

    Right now my WIP has three main POV characters. Casey is a constantly-stoned slacker who's genial and a nice guy, but not exactly ready to take on responsibilities.

    Cameron is his younger, studious brother, who ends up picking up a lot of slack for Casey in the babysitting department, as they are both expected to watch over their youngest brother Evan in the interim between their getting off of school and their parents leaving work. Cameron is less sociable and more judgmental, but truly loving towards those he cares about.

    Rebecca is Casey's ex-girlfriend (but only from middle school, so not really even). She's an athletic, popular basketball player dating the quarterback. She's actually really sweet, even though some of her friends are totem pole snobs.

    Casey, Cameron, and Rebecca are all childhood friends as they used to play together a lot back when their mothers were friends. But in high school, they're in completely different social realms - Casey smoking in the back parking lot, loner Cameron teaching himself computer programming, Rebecca hobnobbing with the preps.

    Then they all get abducted by aliens! That's my favorite part of the story.

    Okay, it's a little more complicated than that, but they wind up in a disturbing mirror version of their realm with a bunch of cutthroat kids who have probably read Lord of the Flies too many times. And they change. A lot. But to say more would give it away ;)

  5. Beth is a lonely, shy middle aged woman who gets the chance to go back and be Lizzie, her sixteen year old self. Lizzie was lonely and shy too the first time round, but this time she's going to say what she thinks :-)

  6. i keep learning more and more about the three mc's on my latest draft.
    here's a few things i realized last week.
    under all the bravado, Sterling is a coward.
    Haley needs to step outside her own head.
    and Beau is a smart-ass.

  7. Congratulations on 100 followers!

  8. Congrats J, so I totally want a drawing... of either my mischievious Jack Frost, or of my four girls that are the four seasons...

    Jack is pale blue, and covered with a thick hoar frost. Tall, slender, but muscular and always has a playful smile.

    Oh I love Jack. Always have, always will!

  9. Nice! I'm following you, so... +1

    Well, the simple thing to do is link you to the Tumblr I share with my characters, since I have too many to list. XD

    But, the ones I'm working with recently are...

    Corliss - the MC of this year's NaNoWriMo novel! Her appearance is pretty much Lacey Sturm (lead singer of the band Flyleaf) with the walk of Captain Jack Sparrow. She is completely and totally insane. My favorite character ever. And I just know that no one will ever appreciate her importance apart from me. T-T

    Ambria - a half-trained, fish-hating ambassador with a very unorthodox learning style.

    Brihn and Shaysha - two kooky kids in love... Oh, and did I mention they've lived in tunnels beneath a dystopian city their whole lives, along with the rest of their race? Brihn joins a war. Shaysha's into history, and has a little museum in progress.

    David and Viss, Rewt and Ro, Tristan, Eminai, and SO many others... I have a lot of books in progress, and a lot of them focus on more than one character. XD

    Thanks for hosting this contest! ^^

  10. Yay, I made it! I hope I win!

    My MC Tenny is a sixteen-year-old musical prodigy who can taste music :)

    I'll give you more details WHEN I win *cough cough* :D No pressure, haha.

  11. How wonderful. Congrats!

    My main character is Grey Jackson. He's seventeen, and has just shot up to over 6 feet, so he's a lanky slouch with brown hair and light blue eyes. In a school where all the students have super-powers, Grey's ability to "Feel" the emotions of anyone around him is not only second-tier, but also annoying as hell. He's quiet, stoic and aloof by necessity. He tries to just blend in, but being a head above the crowd doesn't help his situation. If he couldn't laugh at himself, he would be pretty miserable, but thankfully, he can. That makes him a lot more fun to write about :)

    Tweeted and f-booked your contest!

  12. J, I love you. That's not news, is it?

    Bell is a 16-yr-old boy who lives in a thriving little town with a seriously messed up family. His sister is mute, but not by choice. His mother is unpredictable, and his father has been missing for seven years (which equals dead). His best friend is his own cousin, but that's okay. Not a whole lot of people talk to him, because he's still considered an outsider--and from the Valley, so, even worse.

    Oh, and apparently, he's left-handed. :)


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