Thursday, September 15, 2011

Living on the Edge (Of a Nervous Breakdown)

I really should have written this post yesterday. I try to post in the morning during the week, so that everyone gets a chance to read and comment (if they want to), but currently I'm sitting on the couch with Dora the Explorer shouting at me in the background. I think it's safe to say that inspiration is probably not going to strike me while she's telling me to "Say Map! Louder!" And for those who are wondering, I'm not watching because I want to. I'm watching because Bug and Bean are watching, and I can't leave them alone for five seconds these days without a fight breaking out.

I guess it's a good thing I wanted to talk about distractions today. :P I'm usually pretty good at tuning out background noise while I'm writing or reading, but my biggest distraction these days isn't an external stimulus. It's a combination of stress and the anxiety it causes. I've felt like I'm on the verge of a breakdown for the last few days, and I haven't really been able to concentrate much on my manuscript. It's a shame, because Orla's scene is next, and she's clamoring for attention. Unfortunately, I'm far too distracted to be able to sit down and write out what she wants me to say.

The majority of my stress is wedding-related, so I'm hoping that once I mail out invitations this weekend and slowly tackle other projects on my list, this anxiety that's got me in a choke hold will ease off. It would be nice to not feel like I constantly need to cry/throttle someone/crawl into a hole.

How do you deal with stress, and how do you keep it from affecting your writing schedule?



  1. I don't. Stress affects the writing schedule period. Sometimes life takes precedence. We do not always get what we want. My advice is to jot down a few notes on your manuscript and put it away for a while to deal with everything else in your life.

  2. Sorry to hear about all your stress! I'm sure that once you get some of those things one your to-do list done, things will feel a little clearer and less severe.

    I deal with stress by writing. I take the time--even if it is only a few minutes, and it always makes me feel a little better. It doesn't have to be working on a MS--sometimes it is just a little short story from one of the secondary character's POV--so then there isn't any pressure for it to be decent.

    Hang in there. Wedding stress will go away at some point, and it will all be worth it.

  3. You mean Dora isn't your muse? Just kidding. Of course she isn't... that's Barney. : )
    Remember, this too shall pass. Give yourself some slack from being stressed and get back to it when life is simplified.

  4. How do I deal with stress? I don't. Lately, my method has been just tackling whatever stresses me out immediately, which is a change since usually I procrastinate. But that hasn't reaped good benefits for me in the past.

    Hang in there! Congratulations on your wedding.

  5. I used to enjoy writing in complete silence. Then I had a child. I have invested in a very large pair of cushy headphones.

    Now I listen to music.

  6. I hear ya. When our house sold last month, then unsold a week later, I was stressed AND trying to finish a manuscript. My only advice is to be gentle with yourself. Normally I crack the whip to keep a regular writing routine, but I eased up on my word count goals and just let myself write SLOWLY for a week until I felt better.

    Getting married is hard! Best wishes to you ^_^

  7. Oh my goodness, do I hear you. I am the queen of letting distractions get to me. It's so hard when you're overly busy and the world seems to sit on your shoulders. Just take a deep breath and use the time when you find it. You can try to make a schedule, but only if it works for you, and never beat yourself up if things don't pan out. Everything has a way of working itself out, you'll see :)

    Good luck with the wedding preparations! :)

  8. You are not alone. I'm in that same right now and unfortunately I lean toward avoidance when I get stressed which leads to more stress. Ugh!

    Good luck with the wedding!! :D


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