Friday, September 30, 2011

In Which I Crown Some Winners

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I have a quick announcement to make before I get to contest stuff. I'm trying out CommentLUV on the blog. It'll be here for the next little while, at least, because I'm annoyed that Blogger doesn't let me reply to individual comments. I think this will work out much better. Feel free to let me know what you think as you use it. :)

On to the contest results!

Rather than use, I used a rather unorthodox method of selecting my winners. I only had 12 entrants, so a random number generator for 22 slots seemed a little silly. Instead, I wrote all the names on little slips of paper. If you had more than one entry, you had more than one slip, naturally. I folded them all up and laid them in the middle of my bed. Since we live in Arizona, having the ceiling fans on is a must in the summer, so I let the fan do the random selecting. :) The first three papers to blow into my lap were the winners (and trust me, they were blowing everywhere!).

And the winners are....

Brooke R Busse

Bess Weatherby


Whee winners! :D Now, I bet you're all wondering who gets which prize...and in response, I have some really exciting news. C offered to do character sketches for ALL 3 OF YOU! Isn't he awesome?! Winners, please get in touch with me at jadencoal (at) gmail (dot) com for further instructions. :)

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I'm looking forward to more wonderful contests in the future. :) Happy Friday!