Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You All Know I'm Such a Tease...

Whee, it's Tuesday, which means...Teaser Tuesday! I've seen people participating in this meme (hosted by MizB), but never did it myself. Until now! All you have to do to participate is grab the book you're currently reading. Open to a random page and share two sentences from that page. Be sure not to include spoilers! The idea is to entice, not ruin. :) When you've shared your sentences, list the book's title and author so other people can find it if they're interested.

My teaser comes from:

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

"Over the years she'd found that was all it took, that lazy smile, and she could tell the truth without risk of being believed. It was easier than keeping track of lies, and so it became part of who she was: Karou with her wry smile and crazy imagination."

Seriously, if you guys haven't heard of this book, you need to add it to your TBR pile. Laini Taylor is a wonderful storyteller, and the book is amazing so far! :)

In other news, I won another award. No big deal. (Totally just kidding about that...I'M SO EXCITED!) Tara from Tara Tyler Talks gave me this little beauty:

And now you're all going to be subjected to EVEN MORE random facts about me. Oh Lord...

1. I loathe broccoli. It made me throw up once when I was seven, and I've hated it ever since. I did eat a piece recently to see if my tastes had changed. The answer was a resounding no.

2. I've lost approximately 70 pounds since high school. Clothes shopping is infinitely more fun now than it ever was then.

3. I think I might be one of the few people keeping Raisin Bran in business.

4. I prefer to sleep on my stomach. My fiance spends the entire night tucking my elbows into my sides.

5. I want short hair so so bad, but I know I look way better with long. So...I got bangs this weekend instead. :P

6. I honestly enjoy watching Deadliest Warrior. Not only do you learn things, but there's something satisfying about watching people beat the tar out of jelly-mold-torsos and pig carcasses.

7. I have a small herd of stuffed hippos gathering in my bedroom.

I also get to pass this award on, and I think it's supposed to be to 15 bloggers. I don't even know if I have 15 blogging friends who haven't gotten this award yet, but I'll give you 5. Fair? I think so. The winners are:
Yay winners, and thanks again to Tara for passing the award to me! I feel so loved... *wipes away a tear* Happy Tuesday!



  1. You're reading DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE?! I'm so jealous. I'd order it online, but I really want to buy it from a bookseller, with all that money I don't have. But it shall happen! I love the way Laini Taylor tells stories.

  2. Congrats on the award! I'm adding that book to my TBR pile right now!

    And, if you lost that much weight eating Raisin Bran, maybe I need to do that too :)

    Unfortunately, I don't like raisins. Ugh. But congrats on losing the weight! That's awesome.

    By the way, you won a first chapter critique on my blog!!!

  3. Oooh! Daughter of Smoke and Bone is top on my TBR! I wanted to buy it Saturday, but I live in a retarded place where there aren't any bookstores nearby--even after driving an hour away I couldn't find one! (Okay, there is one bookstore, but it doesn't have anything new). Craziness, guess I'll hafta buy it online. Congrats on the award. I'm a tummy-sleeper too!

  4. Well, before seeing this, I also dubbed you with said award! Congratulations! Perhaps you could simply tack it on to this?? Feel free to stop by my blog if you have a minute.

  5. I've heard of Daughters of Smoke and Bone, but haven't read it. I love your teaser!

    Congratulations on the award! :)


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