Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You Shouldn't Judge a Book by Its Cover...

It's that time again...Road Trip Wednesday! This blog carnival is brought to you by the lovely folks at YA Highway. :) Today's questions is: what are your all-time favorite book covers?

I know you're not supposed to, but I judge books by their covers all the time. In fact, it's what makes me pick up books in the first place (unless someone recommended them to me). I'm not too picky about cover art, but some things are major turnoffs. I don't like overly busy covers, or cartoony ones (unless they're on comic books/graphic novels), or overly sexified ones. I like simplicity, and shiny things, and pretty colors. That being said, here are a few recent covers that have really caught my eye. (It would take far too long if I included books I've read in past years...just saying).


Wildefire's cover is probably my favorite of the year. I love the color, and the actual cover is this weird paper that feels really soft. It also has a glowing flower, a lily to be specific (which is my favorite). It's simple, beautiful, and has movement (even though it's flowers).

Imaginary Girls

Holy wow. This cover is gorgeous, and so dynamic while still simple. I love the contrast of the red and white, and how she's underwater-but-tilted. It's so wonderful!

Hush, Hush

The pose! The shirtless guy! The feathers! And did I mention it's shiny? I love this cover, along with the covers for Crescendo and Silence. They're all beautiful!

What are your favorite book covers?


PS In other news, I passed 1000 page views yesterday! Wheeee! :)


  1. I want to jump in to the Imaginary Girls cover--I love it. Hush Hush is a great cover, too--so much energy and action in the image.

  2. Any cover done by cover artist Michael Whelan. I know that isn't an answer for your question, but I love him as an artist and my eye can pick out a Whelan cover from 20 feet away.

  3. Congrats on the 1000 page views!!

    Some great covers above - one of my favourites at the moment is Halo, but I haven't read the book yet...

  4. All of those are great. I wonder if Hush, Hush's cover played a big role in its sales at the beginning. I mean, hello, hot shirtless guy!

  5. I agree with all those points - shiny, simple, colorful. I had a couple shiny ones on my list too.

    Wildefire looks amazing. It's almost like a painting.

  6. I love the UK adult covers of the Harry Potter series. I REALLY love the covers of Paranormalcy and Supernaturally. And the covers for The Dresden Files just make me want to sit and stare at my bookshelf all day.

  7. You've got great taste! I loved all of these. :)

  8. I love the cover for Whither. Something about the flouncy dress and all...sigh.

    I also love the cover for Across the Universe, and especially the fact that it's reversible. I want a reversible cover, when the time comes.

  9. Those three are similar...haunting and with a sense of movement. Love all of them!

  10. Great covers, and they work really well together. Now I want to find a copy of Wildefire to feel the cover paper texture you mention... plus lilies are my favorite flowers too.


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