Monday, October 17, 2011

Some News!

It's Monday! Wheeeee! Oh, wait...that's not right. I overslept this morning, and it's going to be 100 degrees today, and I have a 12-hour workday at the end of this week. Let me start over.

It's Monday. Boo. :(

Just kidding. :P Actually, I do have some pretty fun things to share with you today. First, the second Campaign challenge is over, and I'm fairly sure I ended up in third place. THANK YOU to everyone who voted, left a comment, and/or supported me and my writing. I love you all! :D

In other Campaign-related news, I'm running the judging for the third challenge! It'll work the same way the first challenge did, in the sense that there will be four rounds of judging, and various peers will be the ones making the decisions. Before you say anything about me having too much on my plate (because I know you're all thinking it), Michael Offutt did most of the work last time, so there really isn't as much for me to do this time around. And it'll be fun!

And for a little treat, and something not writing-related: I started making wedding jewelry this weekend! My fiance's mom used to teach jewelry-making classes, and she's made many pieces to sell too, so she graciously agreed to help me make some really unique pieces for the wedding. Last night, we finished my earrings (which I did mostly by myself), the pendant for my necklace, and one of the bridesmaids' earrings. Wanna see them?!

These are my earrings. They have little pearl clusters and gemstones in the wedding colors.And I did most of the work myself! :D
 This is my pendant. It's a bit of a misleading photo, since the middle stone is the same color pearl as the earrings. But still...awesome, right? C's mom made this one.
One earring for one of the bridesmaids. There's a black bead and a blue bead (some bridesmaids will get purple instead) in the cages, and a wire flower in the middle. I made the flower, C's mom made the cages. :D

Happy Monday! :)