Friday, October 14, 2011

A Little Weekend Reading, Pay-It-Forward Style

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While reading blogs yesterday, I stumbled across this little gem of a blogfest.

The idea is to spread awareness of blogs you enjoy reading, but that seem to fly under the radar of other bloggers. It's a bloghop, so there will be LOTS of people to check out, and the list is still open today. If you're interested, you should pop by and check it out. :)

Anyway, I'm supposed to tell you about three blogs I love. It goes without saying that Julie, Jeigh, and Christine hold special places in my heart. I think you should all read their blogs, because they are lovely, hilarious women who always entertain (even if they don't post every day :P). They aren't the ones I'm going to talk about in this post though, much as I adore them. That wouldn't be branching out, and for this blogfest, that would be a shame.

So who AM I going to talk about? Let's kick things off with Andrew over at StrangePegs. I've recently begun getting to know Andrew, and I'm really enjoying it. First of all, his blog always makes me smile. He always posts the greatest writing analogies (comparing it to rush-hour traffic, for instance), and I usually leave his blog feeling inspired. He's self-published a novel, which is sitting on my Nook waiting to be read (I'm getting to it, Andrew, I swear), but he's not one of those people who shoves their book in your face every chance they get, hoping they'll get you to buy it. He's just not that kind of guy. Seriously, if you haven't stopped by his blog, you're really missing out.

Giles, who runs High Aspirations, is another of my favorite underrated bloggers. He's hilarious, for one thing, and always has really great discussion topics at the end of his posts. I like posts that make you think, and then challenge you to respond in the comments. Also, Giles picks a different charity to support every month, and leaves posts letting you know how to contribute. How great is that?! If you aren't following his blog, you should be. :)

I also love Jessica Therrien at Imagination to Publication. I found her through the first Campaign challenge, and I've been hooked ever since. Her writing samples are incredible, and she's got a book coming out next year. I can't even tell you how excited I am to read it! Her blog is pretty, she's a fellow Road Trip Wednesday participant, and she posts lots of fun, interesting things. Do you really need any more reasons to pay her a visit? :P

If you get some time this weekend, stop by these three blogs. I promise you won't regret it! And now, I'm off to see what other blogs I should be following...


PS If you haven't already, swing by David Powers King's blog. He recently passed the 400 follower mark, and is hosting a really great contest to celebrate! :)